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Vital Sign Mornitoring

Vital Sign Mornitoring

It is a highly favored handheld monitor among clinicians, widely utilized in various healthcare and home settings for spot-checks and continuous monitoring. Its scientifically designed, ergonomic shape and straightforward interface make it easy to use and operate. This device serves as an indispensable companion for medical professionals, offering precise EtCO2 and real-time blood oxygen monitoring, along with temperature and pulse rate tracking for patients.

Featuring a 5-inch smart touch screen LCD display with a user-friendly interface, this monitor enables quick vital sign measurements in less than a minute, providing proven benefits across neonatal, pediatric, and adult patient populations. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors aligned with modern healthcare standards, the monitor ensures robust monitoring capabilities even in extreme climatic and clinical conditions such as hot/cold weather and emergency situations like neonatal ICU and shock patients.

Utilizing digital signal processing technology, the monitor delivers highly accurate and reliable SpO2 and pulse rate readings, even amidst low perfusion and signal interference, including patient motion. Overall, this elegant and sophisticated vital signs monitor offers clinicians a reliable tool for effective patient care across diverse healthcare scenarios.

  • Features

    • Comfortable grip ergonomic design
    • 5.0 inch high resolution color LCD screen display
    • Touchable display
    • Night mode, power saving and eye protection
    • Plug and play Ultra-light, compact and portable
    • Bluetooth data transmission, remote monitoring, convenient for centralized data management
    • Support report printing\
    • Multi-mode display interface, information trend record
    •  Sound and light double alarm
    • Adjustable screen brightness
    •  Four monitor models to choose from
    • Patient information record and equipment verification function
    •  Dedicated base, rechargeable, connect to the Internet
    • Equipped with 6000mA lithium battery
    • Up to 5H battery life

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