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Polypropylene Ductless Fume Hood  provides a safe work environment for lab staff working with acids and harsh chemicals. The Ductless Fume Hood  offers a variety of functionalities, including an air velocity display and alarm. The electrical and mechanical components are manufactured by leading global companies, such as AAF USA. The products are EN-14175 / CE / ASHRAE 110-1995 certified.

  • Features

    • RED alert light: This provides a highly visible indication of alarm status.

    • Polypropylene structure: Offers high chemical resistance, ensuring durability and safety in various environments.

    • Built-in sealed worktop or choice of materials: Options include epoxy, stainless steel, ceramic, or Trespa, allowing customization based on specific needs.

    • Optional stand: Provides flexibility in placement and installation.

    • Tempered glass sliding front window: Allows for easy access to the work area while maintaining a secure barrier.

    • High efficiency quiet EC fan: Ensures effective airflow with minimal noise output.

    • Eco-friendly LED lighting: With 800 LUX brightness, separated from the work area to prevent contamination.

    • Air velocity control: Maintains a consistent airflow speed of 0.5±0.1 m/s (100±20 FPM), crucial for containment and safety.

    • Front access for filter replacement: Simplifies maintenance and ensures uninterrupted operation.

    • Variety of filter options: Including HEPA and carbon filters, catering to different filtration needs.

    • Exhaust point: Allows for connection of a second filter or external exhaust, enhancing filtration capabilities.

    • XL model with 2 internal filters: Provides increased filtration capacity for larger applications.

    • Certifications: EN-14175, CE, ASHRAE 110-1995, and AFNOR NFX 15-211 standards compliance ensure adherence to safety and performance guidelines.

  • Functions

    Advanced Operation System

    • Air velocity display
    • Color 7″ touch screen
    • 10-speed fan
    • Hour counter for filter
    • Filter replacement alarm for HEPA/carbon filters

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