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Our Fields of Excellence


As trustworthy organization Monega core business offers innovative solutions to meet a variety of customer needs from turnkey projects for Medical & Laboratory supplies, Hospital Waste Management Systems, Warehouse Packages, service contracts and installation assistance.


Monega is an international organization providing High End Equipments in Medical engineering business domains and serves the clients offering a world class quality source base for requirements in Medical and Non-Medical Supplies including Pharmaceuticals, Nanotechnology, Clinical Laboratory and all related Technical Equipments. We have "pre-designed" kits for public health settings and are set up to respond to exactly these scenarios even helping the clients with the algorithms of how many of each type of kit per thousand population etc.

Complete package of services forms the basis of our custom tailored solutions comprising the designing of health facilities, the supply and installation of medical, Laboratory and related technical equipment including all relevant consumables. It also includes the training of personnel, after sales services, availability of spares, provision of warranty and repair services.

Our clients mainly are Non Profit Organizations like UNOPS, USAID, EUROPE AID, AUSAID, Red Cross, NGOs, the Ministry of Health Hospitals, Clinical and Public Health Laboratories, Health Research Institutes and Colleges, as well as the private health and science education sectors etc.

Apart from new facilities Monega help in modernization of existing facilities, particularly in developing countries. We are accustomed to find out a suitable solution even to complex and challenging problems faced by our clients. We establish categories of facilities even for future use based on critical appraisal and inventory assessment of existing equipment and facilities.


Monega is professionally managed organization engaged in providing premium quality Floor Standing/Vertical Air Cooling Cabinets, Air Curtains, Cold Rooms, Ultra Low Temperatures Freezers, Mortuary Refrigerators and Freezers etc. We primarily focus on catering to the needs of Hospitals, Research Institutions and Laboratories and Medical Warehouses. Over the years, our sales and application support teams have developed expertise in providing best solutions for different applications. The firm, through the collaboration of high skilled personnel, specialized in the field, offers a wide range of specific products bounding together the best possible service. All our products comply with the most recent applicable standard and bear the ISO/CE marking which assures their absolute professionalism and safety.


We also specialize in material handling such as warehouse supplies, warehouse equipment, forklifts, electric Reach Stackers/Trucks, wooden & plastic pallets, pallet racking, pallet jacks, shelving, and much more. We are dedicated to matching our customers’ needs with the best products from service and maintenance plans to forklifts, to material handling and installation services of equipment and systems purchased from Monega Enterprises.


Monega provides solutions for Infectious & Biomedical waste treatment, Shredder System, Medical waste sterilization, Waste Bins etc.


Monega provide all materials, tools, supervision, labor and equipment to support the installation and testing of all supplied equipment and/or systems prior to installation and/or after the equipment is installed.

Additionally, Monega will provide equipment operation and maintenance training. All equipment and system testing and installation shall be in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.

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