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3 to 6 Digestion Unit

3 to 6 Digestion Unit

The Kjeldahl Apparatus is a crucial tool used in various industries, including food, environmental, urea, and chemical, for determining organic nitrogen (N2) and protein contents in substances. It employs the Kjeldahl digestion method for this purpose. Understanding the Kjeldahl nitrogen process is fundamental for designing Kjeldahl apparatus correctly. 

Our company specializes in manufacturing space-saving Kjeldahl systems that integrate both distillation and digestion units. These apparatus come with either 3 or 6 mantle type heating units, each equipped with an individual energy regulator. All components are securely fixed within a sturdy powder-coated MS frame. The units are designed to accommodate flasks with capacities of 300ml, 500ml, and 800ml. To enhance your working experience, we offer various optional accessories such as glassware, clamps, lead fume ducts, and condenser racks. Whether it's an open-type or hooded combination design, we can construct the Kjeldahl machine to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

  • Features

    • Available in 3 and 6 test units
    • Accommodate 300ml, 500ml and 800ml flasks
    • Ideal for nitrogen and protein analysis
    • Adjustable clamps
    • Durable MS powder coated cabinet
    • Mental type heaters
    • Traditional or automatic operation
    • Supplied with or without glass parts
    • Individual energy regulators
    • Open or hooded combination type

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