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18/26 Digestion Unit

18/26 Digestion Unit

The  18/26 Series digestion unit utilizes an aluminum heating block to ensure highly uniform heating up to 450°C, thanks to its excellent thermal homogeneity. Its microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation maintains stability within an impressive range of ±0.5°C across all selectable temperatures.

This series is renowned for its precision and reliability, offering accurate and repeatable results. With the capacity to digest up to 18 samples using 100 ml test tubes with a diameter of 26 mm, it optimizes efficiency while reducing energy consumption by 13% compared to previous models. This not only lowers analysis costs but also minimizes CO2 emissions, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

  • Features

    The  digesters offer outstanding precision and consistency. With temperature selection in 1°C increments and an impressive accuracy of ± 0.2°C, alongside a heating block stability of ± 0.5°C, they ensure reliable and repeatable results. Moreover, these digesters prioritize energy efficiency, boasting a rapid temperature set point achievement that minimizes energy consumption by an average of 13% compared to previous models.

    In terms of design, the Series is engineered for space optimization, fitting neatly under fume hoods and occupying minimal laboratory space. Its intuitive interface, featuring a bright digital display and four easily accessible buttons, enhances user experience by facilitating clear information reading and straightforward operation. Additionally, the interface supports the storage of up to 20 methods with four temperature ramps, enabling efficient and customizable workflows.

    The versatility of the Series is underscored by its compatibility with various tube types and comprehensive accessory options to meet diverse analytical needs. Genuine consumables are also available to ensure efficient sample digestion. Overall, the Series digesters offer a combination of precision, efficiency, space-saving design, intuitive operation, and versatility, making them indispensable tools in the laboratory.

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