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8 Digestion Unit

8 Digestion Unit

The 8 Series digestion unit features an aluminum heating block that ensures excellent thermal uniformity, reaching temperatures of up to 450°C. Its microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation maintains stability with remarkable precision, maintaining a variance of only ±0.5°C across all selected temperatures.

This series ensures accuracy and consistency in sample digestion, accommodating up to 8 samples in 250 ml test tubes with a diameter of 42 mm per batch. Compared to its predecessors, it boasts a significant reduction in energy consumption by up to 13%, resulting in lower analysis costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

  • Features

    The aluminum heating block of the Series ensures exceptional accuracy and repeatability, achieving high thermal uniformity up to 450°C. Temperature selection can be made in precise 1°C increments with an impressive precision of ±0.2°C, while the heating block maintains stability within ±0.5°C.

    These digesters prioritize energy efficiency, boasting an average of 13% lower energy consumption compared to earlier models, thanks to rapid temperature set point reaching.

    With a space-saving design, the Series conserves valuable fume hood space, ensuring minimal space requirements.

    Featuring an intuitive interface with a bright digital display, users benefit from maximum visibility and easy information reading. The interface supports the recording of up to 20 methods with 4 temperature ramps and is operated through a user-friendly system of 4 buttons.

    The  Series offers versatility, with all models coming equipped with tubes and necessary components for operation. A wide range of accessories is available to meet various analytical needs, and genuine consumables are provided for efficient sample digestion.

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