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Digital Ceramic Hot plate

Digital Ceramic Hot plate

It features advanced Heating Plate technology , which guarantees uniform temperature distribution, efficient thermal performance, and long-lasting heating capabilities. This cutting-edge technology ensures reliable operation even at very high temperatures, with the heating plate capable of reaching a maximum settable temperature of 550°C.

It is equipped with an exceptionally bright and user-friendly digital display, allowing for easy monitoring of the set temperature. Adjustments can be made effortlessly using the convenient knob, providing users with precise control and ensuring optimal performance during laboratory applications.

  • Features

    • State-of-the-art heating plate technology ensures uniformity, efficiency, and consistent heating performance
    • Premium resistance to chemicals provided by the high-quality ceramic top and technopolymer structure
    • Precise temperature setting displayed on a clear digital screen, showing both current and desired temperatures
    • Safety feature: "Hot Surface Safety" alert activates when temperature exceeds 50°C
    •  Electronics protected by a run-off groove for added durability

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