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Suction Pump (With castors)

Suction Pump (With castors)

In medical emergencies, rapid utilization of a suction device such as the Accuvac Pro is often imperative. This device enables prompt removal of airway secretions, blood, or foreign objects, ensuring effective ventilation and establishing a critical foundation for successful patient rescue or resuscitation. The Accuvac Pro stands out for its efficient and swift operation, both in ambulance settings and other environments, facilitating quick and effective intervention.

  • Features

    • Mobile suction unit for rescue services
    • Maximum ease of use in prehospital use
    • Suitable for adults, children and infants
    • Four vacuum levels selectable at the touch of a button
    • Clear control panel with LED display
    • Ergonomic carrying handle
    • Easy-to-replace lithium-ion battery with a battery life of more than 60 minutes
    • Suction capacity of approx. 34 l/min
    • Automatic function control
    • Easy to disassemble and disinfect components
    • Robust housing made of shockproof materials
    • Dust and water protected
    • Integrated disposable container system also for use with hygienic suction bags

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