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Suction Pump (Desk type)

Suction Pump (Desk type)

It is an electric medical device designed for suctioning body fluids from the nasal, oral, and tracheal areas of both children and adults. It offers three power options: 100-240V power supply, a 12V car adapter, or an internal rechargeable battery, making it versatile for use in various settings. The device features a large LCD screen for easy reading of vacuum levels and soft keys for precise vacuum adjustment, enhancing aspiration accuracy. Its smart operation, facilitated by a lightweight lithium-ion battery and an innovative FEEDBACK system, ensures prolonged battery life and quiet operation. The PROXIMITY function enables touchless activation to prevent cross-contamination between patients. Equipped with a long-life brushless motor, the unit eliminates odors and coal residues.

  • Features

    • The Product stands out primarily due to its portability, weighing just 2.3 kg, making it effortless to carry, which is particularly advantageous for home visits or consultations conducted on-site. To enhance its mobility further, users have the option to purchase a separate carrying bag, adding to its convenience.
    • Another notable feature of the product is its power source. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, it offers up to 90 minutes of continuous operation, surpassing many other portable aspirators in terms of battery life, which is crucial in situations where a dependable and enduring power supply is essential.
    • Furthermore, the product  boasts an efficient and robust suction pump. With a maximum vacuum capability of 36 L/min, it excels in handling nasal, oral, aural, and tracheal suctioning with ease, ensuring effective clearance of stubborn obstructions.

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