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Suction Pump (Desk type)

Suction Pump (Desk type)

A portable suction device designed for professional use in oral, nasal, and tracheal aspiration of liquids from adults or children, operates on battery power. With a maximum suction capacity of 36 liters per minute, it is lightweight and easily transportable. It offers versatility by functioning with three power sources: mains power, internal battery, or car cable. Engineered for continuous operation without risk of overheating, it includes an audible and visual alarm system to indicate battery status. This vacuum adheres to EN 60601-1-11 standards for safe use in home environments.

  • Features

    • Easy to use aspirator
    • Suitable for nasal, oral, tracheal and bodily fluids
    • Variable suction control with vacuum meter and vacuum regulator
    • High vacuum (Up to 80kPa) & High flow
    • Easy to read suction dial with measurements in mmHg and kPa
    • Maximum suction speed of 36L/min
    • Acoustic and visual low battery level alarm
    • Suitable for non-stop operation without the risk of overheating
    • Large capacity 1000ml jar
    • Can be powered through mains power, rechargeable battery or 12V sockets
    • Rechargeable internal battery (Lead Acid Battery)
    • 4 hours for full charge
    • Lightweight and Portable
    • 2 years limited warrant
  • Specification

    • Dimensions : 35cm x 21cm x 18cm
    • Product Weight: 2.50kg
    • Volume: 1L
    • Max Flow Rate: 36L/min
    • IP21(Ingress Protection)

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