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Stair stretcher

Stair stretcher

Our Stair stretcher is designed to safely transport patients up and down staircases in the event of an emergency. Its sturdy, durable construction and secure straps ensure the patient remains immobilized and comfortable during transport. The stretcher features adjustable handles for easy maneuvering, as well as grips on the bottom to prevent slipping on stairs. Its compact design makes it easy to store and transport, making it an essential tool for any hospital or medical facility. With a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, our Stair stretcher is a reliable and essential piece of equipment for emergency situations.
  • Important quality control

    * Powder coated steel material, the crawler is placed underneath, which makes climbing stairs more stable and labor-saving.
    * 24V, 200W brushless motor
    * Large-capacity lithium battery, long battery life.
    * Large-tooth shape crawler, stronger grip.
    * Honeycomb wheel, with shock absorption function, 8 inches front wheel is and 12 inches rear wheel.
    * Folding backrest.

  • Technical parameters


    Expanded size
    960x630x1150 mm
    Folding size
    880x630x485 mm
    Packing size
    1130x700x360 mm
    Net weight
    Gross weight
    29.4V, 3A
  • Technical configuration


    Linear Motor
    1 pc
    Lithium battery
    1 pc
    Vest belt
    1 set
    1 pc
    Sponge mattress
    2 pcs
    8'' wheel
    2 pcs
    12'' wheel
    2 pcs

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