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Solar Direct Drive Blood-bank Refrigerator

Solar Direct Drive Blood-bank Refrigerator

Introducing our innovative Solar Direct Drive Blood-bank Refrigerator, specifically designed for medical use. With a spacious 278 L gross volume, this refrigerator is ideal for storing vaccines at a set temperature of +5°C, with a vaccine storage capacity of 156 L. It is certified under EMC directive 2014/30/EU, EU MDD Class I, Low voltage 2014/35/EU, and WHO PQS E003/030, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. The refrigerator also features freeze protection at Grade A and is suitable for use in temperate zones with an ambient temperature range of up to +32°C. Its energy source is entirely solar, making it an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option for medical facilities.
  • Overview


    • Designed to operate in tropical conditions (32°C to 43°C depending on the model)
    • Rotomoulded body construction: rust free and extremely robust
    • Humidity control: no condensation issues in the fridge
    • Best-in-class warranty: 10 years of international manufacturer’s warranty, and lifetime warranty against corrosion


    • Door gaskets are easily replaceable and washable
    • “Plug and play” installation of the solar generators
    • No battery, no regulator: easy maintenance and no hidden costs
    • External temperature display and real-time visualization on the web


    • Strong insulation: extended holdover time in the event of minimal or no sunlight
    • Silicone gaskets and lockable clasps: tight closing and restricted access
    • Audio-visual alarm system with remote transmission
    • Remote temperature monitoring solution, comprising a data logger and a digital platform
  • Technical Specifications

    Gross volume

    278 L

    Vaccine storage capacity

    156 L

    Set Temperature


    Climate class (ambient temperature range)

    Temperate zone (+32°C)


    EMC directive 2014/30/EU | EU MDD Class I | Low voltage 2014/35/EU | WHO PQS E003/030

    External dimensions (HxWxD)

    910 x 1270 x780 mm | 35.83 x 50.00 x 30.71 in

    Net weight

    104 kg

    Shipping weight

    140 kg

    Supply voltage

    25V DC

    Refrigerant Type

    Natural R600a



    Remote monitoring

    RTMD included


    86h 56min

    Cool down


    Hold over time

    94h05 min at 32°C

    Energy cons. 24h stable

    0.25KwH/24h at 32°C

    Energy source

    Solar; DC

    Freeze protection

    Grade A

    Product Type

    Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Refrigerator

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