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Manual glass door

Manual glass door

Introducing our Manual Glass Door washer-disinfector, designed specifically for medical facilities. This space-saving and fast-operating machine is equipped with manual hinged glass doors for easy access and reliable operation. With its excellent cost-performance ratio, this washer-disinfector ensures clean and sanitized medical equipment with minimal hassle. The manual operation makes it easy for medical staff to use, saving time and effort in the sterilization process. Invest in the efficiency and effectiveness of your medical facility with our Manual Glass Door washer-disinfector.
  • Features

    • Our smallest unit of the category with no lateral maintenance room needed, the low-consumption processes 12 DIN trays
    • Smallest footprint at 68 cm width and front direct service access to adjust to your space constraints or increase your process capacities
    • Glass hinged doors and illuminated chamber
    • Dynamic filling adjusts level of water and chemistries to the real load, saving time and resources
    • One or two doors versions available
  • Accessories


    • Racks for various applications, e.g., instruments, AN material, containers, dishes, trays, OR shoes
    • Racks for laboratory utensils
    • Rack with nozzles for various items to be washed
    • Ergonomic transport cart

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