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Agricultural Incinerator

Agricultural Incinerator

This is a large opening, low capacity animal incinerator which is suitable for disposing of large domestic animals, sheep, lambs and many others thanks to its wide opening door and high hourly burn rates.


This model is an ideal waste disposal solution for farms, shooting practices, slaughterhouses, abattoirs or veterinary practices and othr agricultural applications. The large capacity, advanced secondary chamber technology and options for semi-automatic waste loading provide an effective and sustainable waste disposal method for all animal waste.

  • Features

    • Enhanced Coretex insulation
    • Multi-zone temperature control
    • Mobile options available
    • CE2 Advanced control panel
    • Modular refractory lining
  • Applications

    • Poultry Farms
    • Animal Waste Collection
    • Veterinary Laboratories
    • Animal Research Centers
    • Slaughterhouse < 1000 kg day

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