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Hospital Bed mattress

Hospital Bed mattress

Our hospital bed mattress is designed to provide patients with the utmost comfort and support during their stay in a medical facility. The mattress features a high-density foam core that offers excellent pressure redistribution and helps prevent pressure ulcers. The waterproof, anti-microbial cover is easy to clean and helps maintain a hygienic environment. With its durable construction and fire-retardant properties, our hospital bed mattress prioritizes patient safety and long-term use. Whether for short-term recovery or long-term care, this mattress is an essential component for any medical facility.

  • Important quality control

    • 100% testing 24 hours before shipment.
    • Medical class taiwan TPU, more soft and good for skin.
    • Bottom cells no alternating,always keep air inside
    • AB or ABC alternating available
    • Ventilate cells
    • Automatic pressure control according patient weight
    • Lock function
    • Static and sitting function( Sitting back alternating after 30 mins)
    • When pressure not up to 15mmhg, low pressure show red light
    • Seating pressure is 100mmhg, static pressure is 80mmhg
  • Technical parameters

    Power supply 110V/220V/50-60Hz
    Air output 6-8 liter/min
    Pressure range 50mmHg - 120 mmHg
    Cycle time 12 min
    Power consumption/fuse 7 W / 1A
    Size 275 (L) x135 (W) x 9 (H) cm
    Weight 1.6 kg
    Power supply 110V/220V/50-60Hz
    Air output 6-8 liter/min
    Standard size 80 ”(L) x32-36 “(W) ; 8”
    Top cover Nylon PU /strength
    Air cells Nylon / PVC/TPU
    Bottom tarpaulin /nylon PU
    Mattress weight 10kg
    Weight capacity 180kg
    Standard size 80 ”(L) x32-36 “(W) ; 8”

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