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Hemorrhage Leg

Hemorrhage Leg

This is a medical skill trainer for hemorrhage control on the lower extremity with an extremely realistic wound and bleeding simulation. It is the ideal tool to improve pre-hospital patient care training with instructional and hands-on training of hemorrhage control with wound packing and tourniquet application. This simulator is especially suitable for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Civilian Casualty Care training.

  • Applications

    Limb tourniquet application:
    Tourniquets can be placed either “high and tight” at the proximal end of the extremity or 5-8 cm above the wounds. If the tourniquet is applied correctly, the bleeding stops automatically by mechanical occlusion of the blood vessels. Dual tourniquet application is also possible to be trained.

    Wound packing:
    A deep lying lacerated tube can be palpated manually at the injured blood vessel. The junctional and the gunshot wound can be packed with gauze.

    Hemostatic device application:
    The gunshot wounds are compatible for an application of the XSTAT® hemostatic device

    Stump / Large area wound dressing

    Drop knee technique:

    This technique is applicable in the scenarios which exclude a junctional wound. A wound cover is supplied for this purpose in the delivery content.

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