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Handheld Ultrasound

Handheld Ultrasound

Introducing the Handheld Ultrasound, a revolutionary medical device that is designed to help provide high quality patient care in any location. This portable ultrasound features an adaptable design that can easily go from pad to mobile phone, increasing its portability and making it possible to work together with doctors from patient to patient. This innovative technology is ideal for point of care applications and is also suitable for longer term use in primary care settings. With its user-friendly interface and advanced imaging capabilities, the Handheld Ultrasound is an essential tool for medical professionals looking to provide efficient and accurate diagnoses on the go.
  • Features

    • 7.5MHz, 40mm, Linear
    • Vascular, MSK, Nerve, Lung, Small Parts,SAT, EM, Etc
    • B Mode | M Mode | Color Mode | PW Mode | CPA Mode | DPD Mode | 2B Mode

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