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For bedpans and other human waste containers

For bedpans and other human waste containers

Our Pro Washer-Disinfector is designed to provide efficient and hygienic cleaning of bedpans and other human waste containers with its advanced control system in a compact space. With 4 washing programs and Electronic Nozzle Control (ENC), the washer ensures thorough and precise cleaning. It also comes with a wall or floor drain complete with Drain Control System (DCS) for easy maintenance. Manufactured in AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301) stainless steel, our bedpan washer is built to meet the highest standards of durability and hygiene in medical settings. Experience the convenience and reliability of our Pro Washer-Disinfector for all your human waste container cleaning needs.

  • Overview

    Refined design, reduced dimensions and high-tech engineering

    In accordance with the ISO Standard EN-ISO 15883-1 and -3.

    DWC - Disinfected Water Cooling

    Automated system to disinfect the water used in the final rinse to cool down the washing chamber temperature

    ETS - Emptying Total System

    System to automatically empty the water present at the end of each cycle from the water pump, the water storage tank and the pipes

    SDS - Self Disinfection System

    Auto disinfection system starts a program if the machine is not used for more then 24 hours

    DCS - Drain Control System

    Safety device that prevents the use of the machine if the drain is blocked

    Hands Free Starting (Optional)

    The user can start the machine without removing his gloves by pushing the buttons with his/her elbows. This feature also supports cross infection prevention

    Automatic Door Opening

    The operator can open and close the door by pushing the foot pedal or activating the optical sensor on the touch panel

  • Inserts & Accessories

    Bedpans and urine bottles inserts

    Standard Inserts

    - Bedpan and urinal
    - Commode and urinal
    - Bedpan, cover & urinal
    - Commode, cover & urinal
    - Multiwasher basket


    The urinals are emptied automatically during door-closing, Up to 3 urinals can be disinfected per cycle.

    Multiwasher Basket

    The multiwasher basket is suitable for all kinds of items or containers that do not have to be reprocessed in the sterilization department and do not fit on the regular insert.

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