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Fixed desk-mount examination light

Fixed desk-mount examination light

The Fixed desk-mount examination light is the ideal solution for medical professionals in need of a reliable and efficient lighting source. With its flexible gooseneck, the light can be easily positioned to provide optimal illumination for examinations and procedures. Once in place, the gooseneck remains stationary, ensuring consistent lighting throughout the task at hand. Designed for convenience and practicality, this examination light comes with a fixed desk mount that securely attaches to a desk or work-surface using screws. This allows for a permanent and stable lighting solution, making it the perfect choice for clinics, hospitals, and medical offices. Trust in the quality and performance of the Fixed desk-mount examination light for all your medical lighting needs.

    LIGHT Light intensity @ 0.5m 12,000K ± 500
      Light source LED
      Light field diameter (D50) @ 0.5m: 180mm
      Light field diameter (D10) @ 0.5m: 240mm
    COLOUR Colour temperature 4,000K 
    POWER Power consumption 8.5W 0.07A
      Input voltage 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
      Output voltage 12V DC 1A
      Average working life >40,000 hours
    MOVEMENT Beam angle 10°
      Head rotation 320°
    OTHER NHS e-class code FBU, FKR
      Commodity code 9018 908400
      GDMN code 12276

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