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Emergency C-Section & Delivery Trainer

Emergency C-Section & Delivery Trainer

Extremely realistic obstetric simulator for emergency Cesarean deliveries

Each simulator supports multiple difficult Cesarean deliveries with realistic incisions and amniotic fluid. With the C-Celia – Emergency C-Section Delivery Simulator, you can teach and train the complete scenario from the first incision to fetal extraction and afterbirth all the way to uterus repair and closing of the abdominal skin. The material used in the simulator gives the trainee a life-like experience (no hard plastics), is very durable and easy to clean.

  • Pregnant abdomen simulator enables full transverse (Pfannenstiel incision) or vertical emergency C-section (running from the umbilicus to the symphysis pubis)
  • Perform Cesarean section with incisions through abdominal wall, muscle, fascia, linea alba, uterus and amniotic sack
  • Train emergency fetal extraction and clinical protocol procedures
  • Practice C-section tissue repair and suturing techniques with life-like soft tissue
  • Realistic anatomy enables hands-in-the-body simulation

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