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Electric operating table

Electric operating table

Introducing our Electric Operating Table, designed with important quality control and built-in kidney bridge for a more convenient and nice appearance. This table is suitable for both x-ray and c-arm use, making it versatile for various medical procedures. With a modern appearance design and extra-long horizontal sliding, it is available for c-arm operation and offers flexibility during surgeries. All functions are controlled by a hand controller and controller in the column, and can be locked for added safety and stability. Trust in the reliability and efficiency of our Electric Operating Table for your medical facility.
  • Features

    Important quality control
    * Built-in kidney bridge, more convenient and nice appearance.
    * Be suitable for both x-ray and c-arm use.
    * Morden appearance design
    * Extra-long horizontal sliding, available for c-arm operation.
    * All function controlled by hand controller and controller in the column, and can be locked.

  • Technical parameters


    External LxWxH 2060x500x(710-1010)mm
    Reverse trendelenburg 0-25°
    Trendelenburg 0-25°
    Lateral tilt left/right 0-15°
    Head plate up/down 0-40°/0-90°
    Back plate up/down 0-80°/0-20°
    Leg plate up/down 0-15°/0-90°
    Kidney bridge up 110mm
    Horizontal sliding C type arm 350mm
    Lowest position of table top 710mm
    Highest position of table top 1010mm
    Right lateral tilt 0-20°
    Left lateral tilt 0-20°
  • Technical configuration


    Bed frame 1pc
    Mattress 1set
    Anesthsia screen frame 1pc
    Shoulder holder with cushion 2pcs
    Arm holder with cushion 2pcs
    Leg support with cushion 2pcs
    Foot support with cushion 2pcs
    Hand controller 1pc
    Kidney bridge handle 1pc
    Battery standby time(h) 80
    Power supply 220V 50HZ 350VA
    Power control circuit 12V
    Plug as required

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