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ECG Holter

ECG Holter

Introducing the EUROHOLTER, a state-of-the-art Holter system designed for accurate and reliable ECG monitoring. This latest generation device is capable of recording 3 or 12 channels, ensuring the highest quality data for up to a maximum of 7 days. With two models available, the EUROHOLTER 12view is ideal for recording 24 or 48 hours of data, while the EUROHOLTER 3view can record for 24 or 48 hours or up to 7 days. Whether used in a clinical setting or for at-home monitoring, the EUROHOLTER provides healthcare professionals with the information they need to accurately assess a patient's cardiac health. Trust in the EUROHOLTER for comprehensive and detailed ECG monitoring.
  • Features

    The various models share all functions and algorithms and differ only in the number of terminations and recording duration, every other characteristic is in common:

    Graphic display
    Programming and downloading of recordings via memory card or USB port
    Pacemaker detection
    Event mark button
    Tool-free patient cable
    High resolution

    The EUROHOLTER software has all the most advanced recording analysis and validation functions: from the classic Compacted to QT/QTc analysis, Atrial Fibrillation etc., up to the analysis of Sleep Apnea. The commands are accessible both with the mouse and the keyboard and reporting is therefore extremely quick.

    EUROHOLTER is used by leading public and private cardiology facilities, both national and foreign.

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