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Containerised Units are permanently housed in a modified 20ft

Containerised Units are permanently housed in a modified 20ft

Introducing our Containerised Medical Incinerator Units, housed in a modified 20ft container for ultimate flexibility and protection. These units are perfect for easy transportation to any desired location or emergency situation, allowing for immediate use when and where it is needed most. The container option offers extra protection from the elements, vandalism, and wildlife, keeping your incinerator safe and secure. Additionally, the container unit provides the added benefit of cover without the need for the machine to be housed inside a building, making it a convenient and versatile solution for medical waste disposal. Choose our Containerised Medical Incinerator Units for reliability, portability, and ease of use.
  • Includes as standard:

    • Installation of extraction system. Exclusive to configurations.
    • Installation of chimney section with a protective weather proof membrane.
    • Installation of an electrical switchboard.
    • Relocation of control panel.
    • Additional bracing to the structure.
    • Fuel tank – inside the container behind a steel half wall.

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