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Color Doppler

Color Doppler

It is  a Intelligent Breast Volume Diagnostic System , represents a significant leap forward in ultrasound imaging and diagnostics. Through cutting-edge ultrasound techniques, it offers high-resolution images, improving accuracy and reducing missed diagnoses, particularly advantageous for individuals with dense breast tissue. Emphasizing patient safety and comfort, It ₹ ensures a positive experience during examinations. Its innovative design underscores the continual progress in medical technology, providing healthcare practitioners with a potent tool for more precise and effective breast imaging, ultimately enhancing patient care.

  • Features

    •  Nanopure speckle reduction technology
    • Intelligent lesion tracking
    •  Flexible arm control
    •  Auto scanning
    • Comfortable pressure fit
    •  Efficient workflow
    •  Unique double coupling
    •  Mute scanning
    •  Automatic reset after scanning
    •  Customized scanning protocol
    •  Three-dimensional positioning
    •  Breast health reporting system

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