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Class S and Class N Tabletop Autoclaves

Class S and Class N Tabletop Autoclaves

The Class S Tabletop Autoclave is designed for fast and efficient drying cycles, allowing for increased productivity in the medical setting. Its high efficiency air pump enables closed door active drying, ensuring perfect sterilization with improved drying of packs and pouches. This model is ideal for medical professionals seeking a reliable and efficient autoclave for their sterilization needs. The Class N Tabletop Autoclave is also available for those who require a reliable and efficient sterilization solution. Both models are designed with advanced technology to meet the demands of the medical industry.
  • Overview

    Small footprint, great performance

    Designed for clinics that have a higher volume of instrument turnaround, the high capacity decreases the clinic's operational costs.

    Compact design

    Easily fits in most work environments

    Quick cycle & drying

    Significantly reduced sterilization cycle time

    Door safety protection

    A door safety mechanism prevents the door from opening at high pressure

    Door failure protection

    Door failure protection prevents door from opening at high pressure

    Custom cycles

    Program and customize cycle parameters to suit your needs and maximize flexibility

    Easy to maintain

    Long lasting, easy to maintain autoclaves guarantee virtually no downtime

  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions (W x H x D): 508mm x 362mm x 550mm

    Chamber Volume: 23 Liter

    Tray Capacity: 4 Trays

    Standard Cassette Capacity: 3 full/3 half

    Voltage & Frequency: 230V 50-60 Hz

    Power & Current: 2200 W 9.6 A

  • Data & Softwere

    Your data, where you need it

    The autoclave gives you easy access to its cycle data.

    User friendly intuitive display

    High precision control system for accurate sterilization results

    PC Communication port enables storage of sterilization result

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