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Bedside patient Monitor

Bedside patient Monitor

Introducing the patient monitors, a cutting-edge solution for bedside monitoring and sub-intensive care. These state-of-the-art monitors are specifically developed and designed to meet the clinical needs of healthcare professionals, providing accurate and reliable monitoring of vital signs. With their user-friendly interface and advanced technology, these monitors offer seamless integration into any medical setting. Whether it's in a hospital room or sub-intensive care unit, these patient monitors ensure constant and efficient monitoring of patients' vital signs. Trust in patient monitors to deliver comprehensive monitoring solutions for improved patient care.

  • Features

    Excellent Performance

    • LowPulseStrTM SPO2 algorithm more reliable readings of SPO2 during low perfusion and motion.
    • iFastBPTM NIBP algorithm used for fast and comfortable measurement.
    • wSmartHeartTM ECG technology for more safey monitoring of patient.
    • iRealRespTM Breating rate technology to get the real reading during motion.
    • wSmartGasTM Capnograph technology to get reliable reading during multi-environment.


  • Powerful function

    • Multi display mode other beds view/Big font.
    • Wifi connectivity more flexible application.
    • 10,12,15inch screen can be optional.
    • Easy to use with excellent usability.
    • eTeleViewTM Central Montior system support.
    • Smart touch screen for easy operation.

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