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B/W Ultrasound Machine

B/W Ultrasound Machine

Introducing our state-of-the-art Medical Multi-Angle HD Display with a 15-inch screen, providing a clear and detailed view from a range of 160°. This innovative equipment is equipped with "soft switch" technology to minimize boot loss, ensuring efficient and reliable performance. With multiple display modes and a ≥128G solid-state disk, data storage and transmission are fast and seamless, allowing for real-time sending and receiving of crucial medical information. The operation interface is available in Chinese, English, and Russian, making it accessible to a wide range of medical professionals. Additionally, the puncture guide function enhances precision and accuracy during medical procedures.
  • Features

    High-end PC based Laptop BW Ultrasound Scanner

    • 1. 15inch LED display
    • 2. Windows operation platform(Win7),easy for system update
    • 3. Single probe connector
    • 4. High quality images
    • 5. Offer suitcase for package
    • 6. PW mode
    • 7. Built-in rechargeable battery
    • 8. Element:128
    • 9. Operating Modes:B、B+B、4B、B+M、M、PW
  • Probe options

    • Convex probe
    • Linear probe
    • Vaginal probe
    • Micro-convex probe
    • Rectal probe

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