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B/W Ultrasound Machine

B/W Ultrasound Machine

The  ultrasound system is a versatile and reliable medical device that is widely used in expert visiting, community services, family planning services, emergency centers, large medical vehicles, shipborne, or battlefield ambulance mobile vehicle services. With its high array, high definition, multi-function display, the ultrasound system allows for more accurate diagnosis of lesions, making it an essential tool for healthcare providers. Additionally, the system boasts a 4-6 hour long standby time, ensuring that it is always ready for use when needed. Its high-quality digital technology further enhances the performance and reliability of this essential medical device.

  • Features

    Full-Digital Laptop Ultrasound machine

    • 12.1 inch LCD display
    • 2D image
    • Depth range:126-307mm
    • Built-in rechargeable battery (4-8H)
    • Thin and light notebook design
    • Display mode: B, B + B, 4B, B + M, M
    • Full-digital beam imaging technology

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