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3-channels Electrocardiograph (ECG)

3-channels Electrocardiograph (ECG)

3 channel ECG is a high resolution digital electrocardiograph for adult and pediatric patients. It acquires the 12 leads in isochronous mode and prints on 80mm paper, in various formats. 3 channel ECG shows the acquired signal also on its color LCD display, in real time or as a review of an exam already acquired and stored. It is equipped with internal memory and additional memory on a removable card. Also features automatic interpretation and ECG parameters calculation.

  • Functions

    EUROECG electrocardiographs are "all-inclusive" devices, all functions are always present:

    • Color graphic TFT display, adjustable
    • Alphanumeric keyboard
    • Multiple print and display formats
    • Memory of up to 1,000 tests
    • Automatic ECG interpretation
    • Automatic ECG measurements (Parameter Calculation)
    • Use of an external USB, laser or inkjet printer
    • Use of barcode readers USB
    • Use of external USB keyboard
    • Wide connectivity: Ethernet card, dual USB port, card reader
    • Carry handle
    • Export in digital format PDF, DICOM, FDA-XML etc.
  • Features

    ECG Manager is a modern digital electrocardiography software, designed for off-line ECG management and archiving. Operations can be performed in a local or network environment.

    Its particular design allows ECG Manager to perform the entire task related to the resting ECG:

    • ECG acquisition (off-line)
    • Display in the desired format
    • Shipping, e.g. to a reporting center
    • Data storage
    • Comparison
    • Press
    • Export or import to file

    The most important digital ECG formats are managed:

    • DICOM
    • FDA-XML
    • SCP
    • EM-XML
    • JPG
    • BMP
    • PDF
  • Overview

    Interpretative electrocardiograph models

    EUROECG, the interpretative electrocardiograph designed specifically for professionals, is part of a series of instruments of this kind equipped with a color graphic display and large memory.

    The interpretive electrocardiograph models from EUROECG have functions and algorithms in common, while the existing models differ from each other exclusively with regard to the printer and external dimensions.
    There are four models available:

    EUROECG: 12-channel devices with A4/Letter pack or roll paper
    EUROECG: 6-channel devices with 110 mm roll paper
    EUROECG: 3-channel devices with 80 mm roll paper.

    The functions of the interpretative electrocardiograph

    The family made up of the EUROECG devices of the “01” series is extremely reliable as it includes instruments equipped with notable interfacing opportunities; has export in PDF, FDA-XML, DICOM digital format: among these, bidirectional DICOM communication (Modality Worklist) stands out.
    With this type of electrocardiograph it is possible to export ECGs in DICOM format, without any paid option.
    EUROECG offers electrocardiographs that have a series of functions always included, such as a color and adjustable graphic TFT display that ensures the best visibility of the data.
    The ECG includes an alphanumeric keyboard, prints in various formats and offers various video or print views. Can use an external USB printer.
    EUROECG has a memory that contains up to 1,000 tests; it also has its own algorithm for automatic ECG interpretation and measurements.
    EUROECG can use barcode readers and external USB keyboard; It takes advantage of extensive connectivity via Ethernet card, card reader and double USB port.
    The interpretative electrocardiograph also has a practical and functional handle that allows it to be transported.

    ECG Manager is a modern digital electrocardiography software, designed for off-line ECG management and archiving. Operations can be performed in a local or network environment. Its unique design allows ECG Manager to perform the entire resting ECG task.

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