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Pharmacy Refrigerator

Pharmacy Refrigerator

This Pharmacy Refrigerator is a combined laboratory refrigerator and freezer with a total gross volume of 121 L x 2, or 4.27 cu ft x 2. It features a set temperature range of +5°C to -32°C, making it suitable for a variety of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and medical products. With a climate class (ambient temperature range) of +10°C to +32°C, this refrigerator is designed to perform reliably in a range of environmental conditions. The alarm limits for this unit are R: +3°C to +7°C and F: -37°C to -27°C, providing added peace of mind when storing valuable medical supplies. With external dimensions of 1650 x 595 x 695 mm, this pharmacy refrigerator is a compact and efficient storage solution for medical facilities.
  • Overview


    • Uniform and stable temperature distribution
    • Fast temperature recovery even in case of frequent door openings
    • Safety thermostat preventing temperature below freezing in the refrigerator compartment
    • Extended autonomy in case of power failure
    • Audio-visual alarm system with remote transmission via SMS or email
    • °B Connected universal software for remote monitoring, reporting (in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11), and long-term archiving in combination with a Data Communication Unit


    • Natural refrigerants with high cooling efficiency in conformity with US SNAP and EU F-Gas regulations
    • Polypropylene cabinets injected with polyurethane foam providing strong thermal insulation
    • Interior automatic LED lighting for lower energy consumption
    • One-piece cabinets manufactured with the unique technique of rotational moulding


    • Smooth cleanable surfaces
    • Low-noise appliance
    • Low heat emission
    • Modular interior equipment
    • Easy export of data on USB
    • Electronics with temperature display easily accessible
    • Gasket heater minimizing condensation
    • Lifetime warranty corrosion-free cabinet
  • Technical Specifications

    Gross volume

    121 L x 2 | 4.27 cu ft x 2

    Set Temperature

    +5°C | -32°C

    Alarm limits

    R: +3°C | +7°C | F: -37°C | -27°C

    Climate class (ambient temperature range)

    +10°C to +32°C


    cCSAus | EU MDR Class I | ISO 14644-1 | Class 5 | US FDA Class I

    Cooling technology

    F: Static cooling | R: Forced air cooling system

    External dimensions (HxWxD)

    1650 x 595 x 695 mm | 64.96 x 23.43 x 27.36 in

    Internal dimensions (HxWxD)

    24.80 x 18.70 x 18.50 in x2 | 630 x 475 x 470 mm x2

    Net weight

    117 kg | 257.94 lb


    50-60 Hz

    Supply voltage


    Energy consumption

    2.9 kWh/24h (60 Hz) | F: 2.8 kWh/24h (50 Hz) | R: 1.0 kWh/24h

    Noise level

    36 dB (60 Hz) | 47 dB (60 Hz) | F: 45 dB (50 Hz) | R: 35 dB (50 Hz)

    Refrigerant Type

    Natural R600a/R290

    Heat emission

    F: 100 Kcal/h | R: 36 Kcal/h




    Digital display

    Remote monitoring

    Optional °B Connected software via data communication unit

    Hold over time

    F: 1.6 h (-32°C to -23°C) | R: 1.6 h (+5°C to +10°C)

    Defrosting technique

    R: Natural; F: Manual

    Access control

    Lock with 2 keys

    Data export

    USB port

    Product Type

    Combined Laboratory Refrigerator and Freezer

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