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Pharmacy Refrigerator

Pharmacy Refrigerator

Introducing our top-of-the-line Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, the first choice in German hospitals for storing medicines and vaccines. This refrigerator is designed to be safe and powerful, while also reducing energy consumption to save on electricity costs. Complying with DIN 13277 standards, you can trust that your medications and vaccines are being safeguarded at the optimal temperature. With precise temperature control and reliable performance, this Pharmacy Refrigerator is an essential addition to any medical facility. Trust in the quality and reliability of our Pharmaceutical Refrigerator to keep your valuable pharmaceuticals stored safely.
  • Overview


    • DIN 13277


    • The world's lowest temperature deviations from the warmest to the coldest storage location thanks to PRO-ACTIVE control & Airflow-Concept (ΔT= 1,6°C)
    • PRO-ACTIVE control: permanent, proactive monitoring of performance data and alarms in the event of deviations
    • Precise temperature control thanks to two PT-1000 temperature sensors
    • Re-circulation air-cooling
    • Quiet fan


    • Automatic defrosting defrosting & melt water evaporation
    • Ergonomics door opener
    • Flexible interior fittings
    • 12 drawers, height adjustable
    • Individual drawer division with adjustable length and cross dividers
    • Castors

    Safety and Digital Documentation

    • Antifreeze
    • Key switch against manipulation of the controller
    • LED temperature display for easy readability
    • Optical and acoustic alarm signal even in the event of a power failure
    • Minimum / maximum temperature memory
    • Potential-free contact for connection to remote warning systems
    • Data documentation can be read out as standard via USB interface using a USB stick and DATANET software
    • Lockable door
  • Technical Specifications

    Capacity 500  l
    Temperature setting (approx.) +2 to +15 °C
    Voltage 220 - 240 V
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Power consumption 260 Watt
    Average consumption 1.5 KWh / 24 h
    Overall dimensions
    (incl. distance from wall)
    77 x 76 x 196 (W x D x H in cm)
    Interior dimensions 60 x 57 x 140 (W x D x H in cm)
    Overall dimensions with door
    opened at 90°
    77 x 144 (W x D in cm)
    Drawer inner dimensions 57 x 39 x 5.6  (W x D x H in cm)
    Max. loading capacity per drawer 24 kg
    Weight 145 kg / 168 kg     (net / gross)
  • Options

    • Modification for operation in the clean room
    • Glass door with lock
    • Adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors
    • Decorative door frame for attaching on-site decorative panels
    • Additional length and cross dividers
    • 60 Hz cooling machine on request
    • Wire shelf 59,7 x 45 cm on rails or supports instead of drawer (max. load: 40 kg)
    • LED light strip mounted on the side wall of the interior
    • Meltwater tray for manual emptying
    • Water-cooled refrigerating machine
    • Outer housing made of chrome-nickel steel 4301, longitudinally brushed
    • GSM module
    • PC-KIT-NET (network-compatible version)
    • Pen-recording thermometer for placing loosely inside appliance with waxed paper strips
    • Incorporated disc type pen-thermometer, 7-day recording time with recording discs (100 pack) and 5 felt tip pens
    • Temperature sensor PT 100 or PT 1000 including built-in reference body (measurement bottle or refrigerating block)

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