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Pediatric electric bed

Pediatric electric bed

The pediatric electric bed is designed to provide comfort and safety for young patients in medical institutions. With its adjustable height, backrest, and knee section, the bed offers flexibility to meet the individual needs of young patients. The bed also comes with side rails to prevent accidental falls and ensure the safety of the child while sleeping or resting. The high-quality construction of the bed provides durability and stability, making it suitable for long-term use in pediatric hospitals and clinics. The electric controls and smooth, quiet movements make it easy for healthcare providers to adjust the bed settings and provide the best care for their young patients.

  • Important quality control

    • 5 functions electric
    • USFDA, EN60601, CE, ISO, SFDA
  • Technical parameters


    External size (LxWxH)
    Back-rest adjustment 0-75°(±10°)
    Knee-rest adjustment 0-35°(±10°)
    Reverse trendelenburg 0-12°
    Trendelenburg 0-12°
  • Technical configuration


    Linear Motor 4pcs
    5" Double Side Castors, Central Locking 4pcs
    Aluminium Alloy Side Rail with Extra Protection 1set
    Aluminium Alloy Bed Ends 1set
    IV Pole 1pc
    IV Pole Prevision 4pcs
    Drainage Hook 2pcs

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