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Incubator shaker

Incubator shaker

Introducing our top-of-the-line incubator shaker, designed to meet the exacting demands of medical and laboratory settings. This high-quality equipment features a precise temperature control system, ensuring optimal conditions for cell culture growth and protein expression. With a spacious chamber and a gentle, adjustable orbital shaking motion, this incubator shaker provides uniform agitation and consistent oxygen and nutrient distribution. The user-friendly interface allows for easy programming and monitoring of parameters, while the robust construction and reliable performance ensure years of trouble-free operation. Trust our incubator shaker to maintain the ideal environment for your valuable samples, contributing to accurate and reproducible research results.
  • Features

    • For higher plasmid or protein quantities: Up to twice as many flasks as other shakers ; 2x/3x stackable
    • Ready for high-speed expression protocols: Up to 400 rpm (orbit 25 mm/1 in) in all devices of a triple stack
    • True control with touch interface: All setpoints and current values are visible at a glance; Restrict access to change settings with user management
    • Optimized growth conditions: Speed accuracy +/- 0.5 rpm, temperature accuracy +/- 0.1 °C (at 37 °C), temperature uniformity +/- 0.25 °C (at 37 °C)
    • Made for 24/7 operation with high loads: Patented Eppendorf X-Drive with five shafts (four peripheral to support weight) for vibration-free shaking over years; Continuous imbalance monitoring and semi-automatic imbalance adjustment function
    • Easy door and platform handling: Space-saving door glides up and out of your way for easy access to all samples; Slide-out platform mechanism for one-handed operation
    • Programmability: Multistep or cyclic programming of temperature or speed rampings; Programmable LED intensity; unlimited program storage
    • Easy documentation and tracking: Data and event log (tracking of alarms, chamber temperature, rpm, door openings etc.) accessible via USB/User Interface or touch enabled device
    • Compatible with complementary systems: For example, microplate-screening systems like the Duetz-system or in-flask biomass monitoring systems like CGQ (Aquila)
    • Options and accessories: Orbit 25 or 51 mm (1 or 2 in); Photosynthetic LED light bank; Two positioning bases; Darkening window shade; Sticky pad platform; Remote monitoring, documentation and more 
  • Applications

    • Grow bacteria, yeast, fungus, photosynthetic organisms
    • Plasmid DNA production and protein expression
    • Process optimization and media development
    • Media screening and optimization
    • Seed cultures for bioprocess scale-up
    • Biofuel research
    • Food quality testing

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