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ECG patient monitor

ECG patient monitor

Introducing our advanced ECG patient monitor, designed to provide accurate and reliable monitoring of a patient's vital signs. This multiparameter patient monitor features ECG monitoring capabilities, allowing healthcare professionals to closely monitor a patient's heart health in real time. With its clear and intuitive display, medical personnel can easily assess and interpret the ECG readings to make informed decisions about patient care. In addition to ECG monitoring, this patient monitor also offers a range of other parameters, such as blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and temperature monitoring, making it a versatile and comprehensive tool for patient care. Trust in our ECG patient monitor to deliver precise and dependable monitoring of crucial health indicators, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and overall healthcare quality.
  • Features:

    • 12.1 inch color TFT LCD touch screen
    • Parameters suitable for use in adult, pediatric and neonatal/infant patients
    • Possibility to monitor waveforms up to 6 channels
    • Changeable waveform colors
    • Drug dose calculation program for 15 different drugs
    • Demo feature for educational purposes
    • 3, 7 or 12 lead ECG measurement with 3, 5 or 10 channel ECG cable
    • Heart rate monitoring feature via ECG, IBP, SpO2 and NIBP
    • Easy monitoring with large numerical value and waveform selection
    • Appropriate monitoring for patients with and without pacemakers
    • Connection socket for defibrillator synchronization
    • Built-in thermal printer support
    • Ability to automatically print from the printer with HR alarm
    • VGA interface for external device/monitor connection
    • Easy data transfer and software update
    • Wired or wireless central system connection
    • Internal battery support up to 4 hours
    • Visual and auditory alarm that warns the user at three different levels of severity
    • Internal holding and carrying slot allowing multi-purpose use
    • Visual and auditory alarm that warns the user as a result of NIBP measurement
    • Cooling option with or without fan (optional)
    • Turkish, English, German, etc. Selectable user interface including
    • Extended Alarm and event memory
    • Monitoring of the central monitor via WEB (optional)
    • ECG (3 or 7 leads) measurement, Extended arrhythmia analysis
    • ST segment analysis, Respiration, NIBP, SpO2, 2xTemperature
    • OxyCRG software, Drug dose calculation program
    • Automatic pacemaker detection feature
    • USB connection sockets
    • Optional BP, EtCO2, Multi Gas, Impedance Cardiography (ICG)
    • Optional Nellcor or Masimo SpO2, Cardiac Output (CO), Thermal Printer

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