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Color Doppler

Color Doppler

It  is a high-end ultrasound system designed to enhance your daily work in the medical field. With cutting-edge diagnostic features and functions, this system provides top-tier technologies based on the novel platform RealView+ to improve your diagnostic confidence. The efficient workflow support ensures that your efforts are maximized during your daily work, allowing you to focus on providing the best possible care for your patients. This state-of-the-art system is the perfect addition to any medical facility, enabling you to deliver exceptional medical imaging services.

  • Features

    • RealView+ :- It incorporates a state-of-the-art algorithm, embodying improved scanning efficiency and a focus on meeting user needs. This platform offers an advanced imaging experience and provides solutions tailored to address diagnostic requirements effectively.
    • Pixel Echo Zone (PEZ):- In the process of wide band imaging,  (PEZ) automatically gathers echo data across larger processing zones to boost the efficiency of data acquisition and computational speed. This results in a superior and quicker diagnostic experience facilitated by an enhanced image frame rate.
    • Target Focus:- Target Focus technology recognizes that achieving clear image focus in both near and far fields necessitates different signal intensities. This enhanced feature automatically adjusts signal transmission to enhance focus accuracy and ensure consistent image quality across the entire imaging area.
    • Weighted Fusion (W-Fusion) :- It  involves analyzing the Doppler echo spectrum dynamically, allowing the system to capture useful signals across both low and high frequency ranges. By precisely controlling and merging these signals, it enhances image quality by balancing resolution and penetration effectively.


  • Functions

    • CHI:-Contrast Harmonic Imaging requires fewer contrast agents and ensures consistent image quality over extended periods. This technology enables standard probes to achieve robust penetration, minimizing the need for additional equipment.
    • SWE (Shear Wave Elastography):-It represents a sophisticated integrated measuring instrument that allows for more accurate assessment of tissue stiffness. Its non-invasive functionality makes it an optimal method for evaluating fibrosis.

    • Auto OB:- With just a single touch, Auto OB swiftly chooses the optimal sectional image and conducts multiple measurements automatically. This innovation transforms conventional obstetric diagnosis into a simpler and more expedited process.

    • Oviduct 4D Ultrasound Angiography:-The Oviduct 4D contrast-enhanced ultrasound provides a safer and more efficient method for intuitively visualizing the oviduct from various angles. Its excellent reproducibility in non-invasive procedures allows for effective monitoring of treatment progress.

    • Auto EF:- Assessing cardiac function demands precision and efficiency due to the need for multiple calculations. Auto EF, utilizing speckle tracking technology, swiftly obtains 2D ejection fraction (EF) and volumes, streamlining the workflow for accurate evaluation.

    • Auto SG:- It is an automated quantitative assessment tool that enables the evaluation of both global and regional myocardial function.

    • Transesophageal echocardiogram ultrasound (TEE) : -Its functioning as a minimally invasive diagnostic method and real-time cardiac imaging device, has the capability to offer supplementary diagnostic data.

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