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Class S and Class N Tabletop Autoclaves

Class S and Class N Tabletop Autoclaves

Introducing the latest in tabletop autoclave technology, our Class S and Class N autoclaves are designed to meet a variety of sterilization needs. The autoclaves come in chamber volumes ranging from 19.8 to 85 liters, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Equipped with dynamic pulsed air removal, these autoclaves ensure uniform temperature distribution, guaranteeing reliable and effective sterilization. The advanced control system features a multi-color display, allowing for easy operation and monitoring of the sterilization process. For added convenience, users can easily download cycle data to their USB memory device for documentation and record-keeping purposes. The self-locking door with a double safety locking mechanism ensures peace of mind during each cycle, while the door is also designed to be easy to open with just one hand. Trust our Class S and Class N tabletop autoclaves for all your sterilization needs.
  • Features

    • 19.8 to 85 Liter chamber volume
    • Dynamic pulsed air removal for uniform temperature distribution
    • Advanced control system with multi-color display
    • Download cycle data to your USB memory device
    • Door easy to open with one hand
    • Self-locking door with double safety locking mechanism
  • Additional Features

    Closed Door Drying

    • Door remains closed during the drying stage to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying (included with EA/EKA models). A high efficiency air pump circulates filtered air through the chamber for fast drying.

    Self Locking Door

    • Newly designed door is easy to open and close with one hand
    • Self locking with double safety locking mechanism

    Dynamic Pulsed Air Removal

    • Removes air from the chamber using pulsed steam resulting in uniform temperature distribution

    Convenient Front Water Filling

    • Accessible front or top water filling
    • Front water filling allows you to use the space above the autoclave

    Top Quality Stainless Steel

    • Durable 316L stainless steel electropolished chamber lasts longer than
      competitor 304 stainless steel chambers
    • Stainless steel door with mirror polish surface is highly resistant to corrosion

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