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Tabletop Sterilizer

Tabletop Sterilizer

The Class B Tabletop Autoclave is designed to comply with the EN 13060 Standard, offering both class N and S cycles for a variety of sterilization needs. This high-quality product ensures that instruments are sterilized without damage, providing peace of mind for medical professionals. The easy-to-use and maintain design includes a flat and smooth keyboard, frontal service door, and 3 sterilization tests for S type loads. The machine also comes with load accessories and an optional external printer for added convenience. With a water separation system, this autoclave produces high-quality steam for efficient sterilization.
  • Application

    1. Dentistry Clinics: Maintain impeccable sterilization standards for dental instruments and equipment, safeguarding the oral health of patients.

    2. Gynaecology Clinics: Ensure the safety and hygiene of medical instruments and supplies used in gynecological procedures and examinations.

    3. Dermatology Clinics: Sterilize dermatological tools and equipment to prevent cross-contamination and maintain sterile conditions during procedures.

    4. Podiatry Clinics: Promote cleanliness and infection control in podiatric practices by sterilizing instruments used in foot care and treatment.

    5. Veterinary Clinics: Safeguard the health of animals by sterilizing veterinary instruments and equipment, contributing to the overall well-being of pets and livestock.

    6. Primary Care Centers: Support comprehensive infection control protocols in primary care settings by sterilizing medical instruments and supplies essential for patient care.

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