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Chest ULT Freezer

Chest ULT Freezer

The most uniform storage temperatures for cryopreservation solutions

The Cryogenic Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is a mechanically refrigerated cryogenic freezer without harmful CFCs. This Ultra Low Temperature Freezer achieves stable long-term preservation of cells and tissues.


New VIP PLUS technology maximizes storage capacity over conventionally insulated models. The Cryogenic Ultra Low Temperature conservation system employs advanced technology to insure a high precision temperature environment.


Highly efficient compressors have been specially developed and incorporated in the freezing unit. With a powerful low noise design afforded by traditional ultra-low temperature technology, this freezer delivers durable, stable cooling.

  • Features


    • Recheargeable battery
    • Three levels of cabinet security
    • High performance, quiet-running designed refrigeration
    • No CFC's in the developed special mixed Refrigerant
    • Enhanced reliability of long-term preservation
    • Advanced controlling features
    • LED digital display and flat key data entry for accurate temperature setting, confirmation and operation
    • Inner cabinet maintains temperature safely below the -130°C
    • Ultra-low temperature created by a high-efficiency oil separator
    • Special foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation material for maximum cabinet protection
    • Microprocessor-controlled filter-clogged check function
    • High temperature warning equipment
    • Power failure alarm lamp and buzzer
    • Remote alarm contact
    • Liquid nitrogen back-up system
    • Optional CO2 back-up system


    • Safe and Convenient Usability.
    • Specially designed cascade refrigeration system.
    • Standard LN2 backup
    • Low operational costs.
    • LN2 Cost Savings.
    • No liquid supply problems.
    • No danger of sudden liquid eruptions.
    • Compressors are specifically designed for refrigeration systems that achieve ultra low temperatures

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