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Vertical Type Shaking Incubator Single Door

Vertical Type Shaking Incubator Single Door

The Vertical Type Shaking Incubator Single Door is a cutting-edge piece of equipment designed for precision and reliability in the medical field. It is equipped with an audio and visual alarm, providing added safety and peace of mind for users. The power off recovery function ensures that experiments are not compromised in the event of a power outage. With a high efficiency servo motor and accurate control speed, this incubator delivers consistent and optimal results. The super low speed start and adjustable start speed, along with over-speed automatic protection, guarantee the protection of sensitive samples. Additionally, the included accessories such as the monitor timer, UV disinfection function, humidity shaker, and high-temperature feature make this incubator an essential tool for any medical laboratory.
  • Applications

    • Cell Culture: Vertical Type Shaking Incubators are widely used in cell culture applications. They provide a controlled environment with precise temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels necessary for the growth and maintenance of various cell lines. The shaking mechanism ensures homogeneous distribution of nutrients and gases across the culture, promoting cell growth and viability.

    • Microbiology Studies: In microbiology research, Vertical Type Shaking Incubators are utilized for incubating microbial cultures, including bacteria, yeast, and fungi. The shaking motion helps in dispersing microorganisms throughout the culture medium, facilitating uniform growth and ensuring consistent experimental conditions.

    • Protein Expression and Purification: Vertical Type Shaking Incubators are employed in protein expression studies, such as bacterial or yeast cultures for recombinant protein production. The agitation provided by the shaking mechanism aids in achieving efficient mixing of culture components, enhancing protein expression levels.

    • Enzyme Kinetics and Biochemical Assays: Researchers use Vertical Type Shaking Incubators to conduct enzyme kinetics studies and biochemical assays. The shaking motion assists in maintaining homogeneous reaction conditions and facilitates substrate turnover rates, allowing precise measurement of enzymatic activity.

    • DNA and RNA Extraction: In molecular biology laboratories, Vertical Type Shaking Incubators are utilized for DNA and RNA extraction procedures. The shaking action helps in efficient mixing of samples with lysis buffers and reagents, promoting cell lysis and nucleic acid release.

    • Hybridization and Blotting Techniques: Vertical Type Shaking Incubators are essential for hybridization and blotting techniques such as Southern blotting, Northern blotting, and Western blotting. The shaking motion facilitates optimal probe-target interactions, improving sensitivity and reducing hybridization times.

    • Cell Proliferation Assays: Vertical Type Shaking Incubators are used in cell proliferation assays to study cell growth, viability, and proliferation rates under different experimental conditions. The shaking action ensures even distribution of cells and reagents, allowing accurate assessment of cellular responses.

    • Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Discovery: In pharmaceutical research, Vertical Type Shaking Incubators play a role in drug screening assays, pharmacological studies, and drug formulation development. The controlled environment and agitation provided by the incubator are crucial for maintaining consistent experimental conditions and ensuring reproducible results.

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