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Medical Mattress

Medical Mattress

Introducing our high-quality Medical Mattress, designed to provide superior comfort and support for patients in medical facilities. Constructed with high density polyurethane foam and a durable PU cover in sleek black, this mattress is not only comfortable, but also easy to clean and waterproof, ensuring optimal hygiene for patients. The sectional design allows for easy adjustment and adaptation to various bed positions, making it ideal for medical environments where patients may need to be repositioned frequently. Our rigorous quality control measures ensure that each mattress meets the highest standards, providing reliable and long-lasting use. Trust in our Medical Mattress to provide the comfort and support needed for patients in any medical setting.

  • Technical parameters


    Size (LxWxH) 1925*900*100mm (customized size acceptable)

    PU Mattress cover with flexible,

    waterproof,It is possibility for easy

    removing the cover.


    The mattress core are made of

    polyurethane foam with high density



    Optional gray/deep blue Color.

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  • SIZE

    Standard size to match each hospital


    Thickness is adjustable

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