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Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit

Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit

The Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit is designed to provide medical professionals with a more advanced level of training in bandaging and patient care. This kit includes a variety of complex wounds and injuries, allowing for testing of higher levels of skill and expertise. Despite the advanced nature of the kit, it is priced to keep initial expenditures low, making it an ideal investment for medical training centers and simulation labs. The lifelike injuries and wounds provided in this kit allow for realistic and immersive training scenarios, preparing medical professionals for a wide range of emergency situations. Whether for use in a classroom setting or for individual practice, this kit is an essential tool for honing critical medical skills.
  • Bleeding wounds (complete with reservoir bags with

    • 1 open amputation
    • 1 compound fracture of humerus
    • 1 compound fracture of tibia
    • 1 sucking wound of chest
    • 1 gunshot wound of palm

  • Non-bleeding wounds:

    24 assorted stick-on lacerations and open fracture wounds

  • Make Up Accessories:

    • 1 bottle coagulant make up blood
    • 1 pkg. methyl cellulose for blood thickening
    • 3 pkg. blood powder, each for 4.5 liter simulated blood
    • 1 body adhesive for stick-on wounds
    • 1 casualty simulation wax
    • 1 pkg. broken Plexiglas® for simulating glass embedded wound
    • 4 grease paint colors: white, blue, brown and red
    • 4 reservoir bags with pump assembly
    • 1 atomizer mist sprayer
    • 3 spatulas
    • 3 tongue depressors

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